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Contact Tom "Bald Dog" Varjan, Organisational Provocateur

Thanks for contacting me. Hopefully I can be of some help to you.

Dynamic Innovations Squad

Vancouver, BC, Canada

web site:

Email: or tvarjan(at)gmail(dot)com (Replace "(at)" with "@" and "(dot)" with ".").

Phone: (604) 638-9850 (By appointment only, set via email)

Every email I send out comes from tvarjan(at)gmail(dot)com (just replace "(at)" with "@"), and to make sure you actually receive my message and it doesn't go into your junk folder, put my email address on your contact list. Otherwise your system may treat my message as spam and you lose it. This is doubly important because this is the only means I communicate.

By design, I cannot be reached on telephone. I hate playing telephone tag, so, apart from pre-scheduled calls, I don't use telephone at all. Ever. I've also found that written communication is more accurate and is harder to misunderstand.

In order to make sure that my ISP doesn't filter out your email, and I receive your message happy and healthy, please include "[Bald Dog]" in the subject line, so the message gets filtered into a specific folder, and I can read it and respond to it promptly.

I regularly check my email, so you are likely to hear from me within 4-6 hours. Well, except when I sleep or when I'm away skydiving and have no access to email during the day.

I only send you email that you have specifically requested therefore expect to receive.

One more thing: I know some people say it is unprofessional to use a free email address like Gmail. Maybe. In my opinion it is even more unprofessional to keep apologising for lost messages due to server problems. Look, Google is far better established and far more reliable than 99.9999% of the hosting companies that offer "professional" emails. If my site goes down here and there, that is bearable. With email, it can be a more serious problem. So, I keep using my "unprofessional" email because being more reliable and responsive are more important to my clients than merely looking business-like with a "professional" email. Thanks for your understanding.

Why I Prefer Email

Since I've been told several times that I should be readily available on the telephone, I've decided to write down why I prefer email as a means of communication. I faded the telephone out of my life a few years ago because I had grown tired of playing constant telephone tag. Many people couldn't keep even pre-arranged time-frames for phone discussions. now the telephone is striclty only for paying clients and only on a pre-scheduled basis.

My idea with email is to be responsive to current and potential clients, and effective at doing my work and rendering my services. And email helps me to do just that. So, here are some points that may help you to understand the method to my madness.

Email messages allow virtually endless tweaking of your message until it says exactly what you mean to say. It can totally remove ambiguities and encourages senders to use judicious brevity.

Email lets you ask for help from colleagues, peers, friends, etc. to compose the best and most succinct and easy-to-understand messages. In doing so, email promotes collaboration.

Email lets you participate in several conversations parallel, without making others feel that they are sidelined in favour of someone else. Don't you just hate when you get put on hold on the phone? I do. On email you can make everyone feel special.

Email allows you to have a "paper trail" of all the messages and what was communicated. Knowing you have to live with your message, email promotes honesty. Of course this is a problem for people who love twisting the truth, and prefer not to commit their words to keyboard.

Email is free of body language and vocal inflections which often cause the message to be misunderstood. Email relies on reason and logic while removing the emotional ingredients body language and tone of voice can introduce. It also reduces biases that can enter the equation due to gender, race and national origin.

Email makes it possible for us to think before reacting and responding. It encourages people to properly digest messages before formulating their responses. It also encourages people to use the language correctly, which advances professional stature and relationships.

Which Time Zone Is British Columbia, Canada in?

In Pacific Standard Time zone. It's eight hours behind Greenwich Mean Time.

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