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Dynamic Innovations Squad's Privacy Policy

I am conscious about all the web-related privacy breach issues, so I keep my privacy policy very very simple, but so far very effective: I store nothing, so nobody can steal nothing. Here are some typical questions people ask about the privacy of their data. If you have any other questions, just fire them over to me at Just replace "(at)" with "@". Include "[Bald Dog]" in the subject line, so the message gets filtered into my frequently-checked folder.

What Information Do You Gather and How Do You Use It?

I gather nothing whatsoever. Not a dickybird. Not a sausage. Unless you contact me personally, you will never receive personalised emails from me. Why? Because I never check my newsletter subscriber list.

I know roughly how many people receive my newsletter, and I am happy that the list is growing very nicely, but I only have people's email addresses, and that is all. Besides that I have neither time nor inclination to plough through several thousand email addresses to figure out how I could pester people individually.

When you buy some services or some tangible bits and bobs from my site, I keep some details for taxation purposes, but never really use them in any shape or form. If you buy something with your credit card, your credit card information remains the credit card company's secret. They just notify me that, "Hey, dude, someone has bought your stuff, so be happy."

Who Do You Share My Personal Information with?

With nobody. First, there is nothing to share. If you are a consulting client, and I have your phone number and other confidential stuff, they remain 100% confidential and top secret.

What Are Cookies and How Do You Use Them?

Cookies are small data files stored on your computer's hard drive which acts as a unique identifier. I personally have a life to live and do not care about cookies in any shape or form, except freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. I love them, but since they interfere with my training I restrict them to Sundays only. But this is my only relationship with cookies, or, as I call them in my British English world, biscuits.

On a regular basis go to "Tools" in your browser's menu. Select "Internet Options" and the "General" tab. In the middle click on "Delete Cookies", "Delete Files", and then at the bottom click on "Clear History". That will remove all the scum other sites may have dumped on your machine.

Also, download a copy of Adawere from and run it regularly to remove nasty bits and bobs from your machine.

How Can I Tell You to Get Lost and Not to Bug Me with Your Rubbish?

Just let me know. Email me, send me smoke signals, shout very loud or something. I only send stuff to people who gave me permission to do so. If you are on my list against your will, then somebody you know is likely to be messing with your name.

You may receive a one-off piece from me as a one-time contact. I will contact you again, if and only if you respond, and opt in to my list. It is a double opt-in, so you cannot get on it by mistake and cannot be put on it by someone else. (As far as I know.)

How is My Information Protected?

I use reputable companies to provide all the services I use. These companies cannot afford to risk their reputation, brand and shareholder value by providing crappy security on their systems. It is also in their best interest to protect their client' security like a junkyard dog. We all have more confidence to use credits cards in Safeway than in the local corner store. Guess why? Safeway has the money to invest in top notch secure payment processing systems. The local cornerstore does not. This is the whole idea.

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