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Service Overview for Management Consulting Firms Locally and Globally

Are you an owner, partner or practice leader of a management consulting firm, and pursuing a dream of becoming the default "go-to-firm" for your marketplace and want to achieve this status in a shorter space of time?

Well, wherever your are on your professional journey and whatever your budget allows, you find a broad range of help and support on this website.

The US Army Leadership Manual defines "The Battlefield Challenge" as...

"To inspire soldiers to do things against their natural will to carry out missions for the greater good of the unit, the army, and the country."

Similarly, consulting firms' "Battlefield Challenge" is to energise, enthuse and inspire all partners, managers, associates and support staff to do their best, sometimes against their natural wills to undertake assignments for the greater good of clients, the firm, the team, the reputation of the profession and the financial and professional prosperity of the individual.

Sadly, this is exactly what's more often than not is missing. Vision and purpose are pushed aside for short-term cash. Internal values are often freely violated for the quick buck. And this approach raises some questions...

  • How do we maximise our people's creativity and enthusiasm, so they give their absolute best in their daily work?
  • How do we maintain control over the firm's destiny, while offering freedom and autonomy to our people to deliver kick-arse service to our clients?
  • How do we get our people conduct business based on deep-rooted principles instead of fads, hype, "tricks of the trade" and manipulative sales techniques?
  • How do we build champion teams out of our people, so that they operate in the spirit of harmony in alignment with our firm's deep-seated values and long-term vision?
  • How do we create "trusted advisor" type relationship with our target market based on mutual trust and respect?
  • How do we seamlessly blend our personal and professional lives so that we get the maximum performance and enjoyment out of both?
  • How do we create a peak-performing balance between being exceptionally profitable while maintaining an amazingly enjoyable workplace?
  • How do we create a culture defined by passion and innovation, so that we can attract top-tier talents and great clients with sexy, exciting projects?
  • How do we get our firm's objectives aligned with our people's individual goals and values, so that people are fully committed to the firm's success, knowing it brings them personal success?
  • How do we turn our vision and strategy into massive action that helps us to reach and exceed our financial projections, while our people stay perpetually excited to work here?

To create breakthrough assignments, my work is based on these firmly-held beliefs:

Projects must be based on specific results not merely dispensed hours or poundage of deliverables.

Projects must be short and high-intensity initiatives with 100% commitment from clients and their people to deliver early payoffs. Early payoffs create enthusiasm and inspiration to take the next step.

Projects must have clearly defined learning objectives, so clients and their people can sustain the improvement after disengagement.

Projects must be based on initiatives which clients and their people are ready and willing to implement and turn into specific improvements.

While we are accountable to each other, clients, as final decision-makers, clients are single-handedly responsible for creating their desired results. As Jim Rohn says, "No one can do your push-ups for you."

While I am the change catalyst, clients are the change agents. The timing and the magnitude of change is in their hands. As an outsider, I can't force clients to do anything.

Assignments must be win-win for everyone involved. In plain English, I offer great value for money, but I'm not the lowest bidder.

To achieve improvement in ll the above areas...

...I Offer the Following Services

And here is the list of the services I offer for professional service firms and solo practitioners to help them to achieve their financial and lifestyle goals. Yes, I say lifestyle because what's the use of becoming a well-paid workaholic. The idea is to get well paid and have a great life outside the office too.

Value Billing Assault Course - A three-month long small group programme to help participants to convert their practices from time-based commodity fees to getting paid for the value they deliver.

Dynamic Duo Mentor Programme - A loose relationship suitable for established solo practitioners who only need a casual help and support without a definite structure.


"Dynamic Duo" Mentor Programme...

...has 1 opening for November and 3 for December 2018.

Click here to continue to read the fiendish details.


Fee Audit and Protection Plan - A comprehensive step-by-step fee-assessment and improvement programme for doubling (maybe even tripling) your fees within six months or less.

Practice Development Knowledge Products - A broad range of topics covered in home study programmes.

Project Engagements - Full-fledged rapid-cycle, high impact practice development project work with specific improvement objectives, measures of success and anticipated return on investment.

Retainer Engagements - A structured relationship in which, although there is no project per se, you can have predetermined level of access to me and utilise my pragmatic counsel and unbiased support.

Speaking - Speaking engagements for firms and professional associations on a broad range of topics to build low volume high margin professional service businesses.

Sample Sessions - A risk-free way of test-driving and sampling the service before committing to long-term projects.

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